A Congresswoman Attacks the President

For years Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, has been an outspoken left-wing voice, highlighting the oppression she believes African Americans experience. 

I believe Representative Waters is totally sincere in her belief system and although many Americans disagree with her extremism at times, she deserves a hearing and should not be marginalized by political opponents. It’s not necessary to poke fun at anyone who is speaking from the heart in the public arena, but it is necessary to analyze what is being said:

“Despite the fact that America has not always been there for us, we’ve always been there for America. We have fought in America’s wars. We have suffered discrimination, we have suffered isolation and undermining, but we stand up for America, oftentimes when others who think they are more patriotic, who say they are more patriotic, do not. When we fight against this president, and we point out how dangerous he is for this society and for this country, we’re fighting for the democracy.”- Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA)

The record shows that President Trump has put forth a philosophy that would certainly help the poor, including African-Americans in that category. The more jobs that are created, the higher incomes will be on every level. The more Americans hired, the easier it will be to get a job. The more companies expand, the more demand there will be for labor. The more discipline imposed in public schooling, the more the kids will learn and education is the most important anti-poverty program there is.

So what exactly is Maxine Waters talking about when she says Mr. Trump is dangerous for America? I have no idea, and I do not think Representative Waters has any clue either. She is just spouting the left-wing company line, and anyone who disagrees with her… well, she doesn’t brook disagreement. 

That’s not patriotism, that’s demagoguery. It would take a miracle, but I really wish liberal advocates like Representative Waters would stop the ideological nonsense and really focus on what America offers every responsible citizen: opportunity, a variety of ways to success, freedom of expression that Representative Waters makes good use of and a real chance to help yourself and help others in your life.

But in order to succeed in this country, you must be self-reliant, not dependent on the entitlement system that Maxine Waters loves so much. You must work hard. You must learn and develop a skill off the knowledge that you acquire in school. And you must be honest.

That’s the message Congresswoman Waters and others should be spreading. Patriotism comes in many forms. Questioning the patriotism of others and bashing a new president isn’t patriotic. It is useless.


How Politicians Are Hurting the American People

The failure to pass new new health care proposal in the House has hurt the GOP and President Trump. The situation is very confusing, let me break it down so even the politicians will understand. 

There are three basic things that America needs from a fair health care plan. First, a reasonable cost. Working people can’t be punished with high insurance premiums. Second, the poor who cannot afford insurance are given access to healthcare in some way. Medicaid is perhaps the best way. Third, that all Americans are protected from medical catastrophe.

So if I’m a sitting Republican congressman, how do I vote on the new proposal to replace Obamacare? It’s impossible to know if the proposed GOP law would lower costs for everyone. But if healthcare companies can eventually compete all across America, market forces would likely bring the cost down. I’m also evaluating the entire situation. It doesn’t do any good opposing the first House proposal knowing that the Senate will change it. It seems logical that you move the process along. Then at the end, when the entire bill is in front of you, you vote your conscience.

But by throwing the whole thing out for ideological reasons, nothing is accomplished other than the GOP looking bad. This analysis is not based on any party sentiment by me. It’s all about you and what’s best for the American people. 

It’s a given that Democrats are not going to turn on Obamacare. They’ll support it to the bitter end. Democrats may tweak it a little bit. But they want a giant, expensive entitlement that hurts workers by making them pay higher premiums. So if the GOP doesn’t unite, Obamacare stays the way it is. The big reveal here is that conservative Republicans who voted against the new proposal will not compromise.

President Trump did get hurt by the healthcare ordeal. But it’s not a catastrophe. All presidents lose on some major issues. For example, President Obama wanted to close Guantanamo Bay and ramp up social justice spending, but neither happened. Making new laws is tough, as it should be. The president would be wise to move along and try to get a new tax code. That issues should unite all Republicans who believe the free marketplace is the way to provide prosperity to Americans. If some Republicans oppose lower taxes, that would be stunning.

But President Trump needs to move quickly. A tax plan should become clear in early May. We need new tax rates for workers and corporations. We also need to phase out deductions that only benefit the very wealthy. That doesn’t seem to be too much to ask Congress to do.

Californian Town Creates New Political Correctness Police Force (Satire)

FAIRFIELD, CALIFORNIA– The town of Fairfield, a suburb of San Francisco, has revealed at a press conference, that city officials have created a new political correctness police task force, after some village board members have recognized that some current phrases have acquired negative connotations.

The town of Fairfield has already started implementing new terms and euphemisms to combat the political incorrectness. Some examples include changing garbage man to “garbage person”, women to “womyn”, Easter eggs to “spring spheres”, manholes to “human access covers”, and pets to “nonhuman animal companions”. Also, the city officials have started to phase out all words of the English language associated with any color. All of these changes will supposedly decrease the likelihood of a minority group being insulted.

“We believe that these new euphemisms are currently the best choice for our disprivileged peoples,” said spokesperson Kevin Byrd at the press conference, “they used to be discriminated against using blunt words. Now, we can rest happy knowing that they will be bullied against using our own versions of the insulting phrases instead.”

The euphemisms list also included advice on how to avoid other offensive language, advising citizens to use “the economy is handicapable” instead of “the economy is crippled”, and “unsighted person to the truth” instead of “blind to the truth”.

Also Byrd recounted that recently, a Fairfield High School instructor was fired because he corrected a student of color’s grammar, “thank some supernatural being that you may or not believe in, that this extremist, narrow-minded, intolerant teacher has been removed from disrupting our prestigious all-inclusive educational system.”

The Fairfield local government has also deemed wearing any articles of clothing that contain the American flag, any sort of religious references, any references to gender, or any colors (especially the colors black and white) as offensive and extremely obscene.

Not only is the town regulating speech, city officials have begun selectively removing and editing fairy tales and other means of entertainment. For an example, the story of Cinderella has been changed to “when the clock strikes midnight, and she is transformed back to her peasant clothing, and is so happy to be in comfortable clothes again, that the other stepsisters decide they’re now envious of her comfort.”

This is just the beginning. The city plans on eliminating all viable options in which a person can be offended by. Within the next five or so years, Fairfield plans on eliminating all races, gender, and diversity between its citizens.

“It will be a glorious revolution,” said mayor Anthony Neff, “hopefully other cities and eventually the entire country will follow suit.”
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Insanity Over Illegal Immigration 

A 14-year-old girl in Rockville, Maryland was raped, in a high school bathroom by two men allegedly in this country illegally. The incident is beyond shocking, an 18-year-old from Guatemala and a 17- year-old from El Salvador were freshmen at the school, FRESHMEN. Authorities say, they dragged the 14-year-old into a bathroom and brutally raped her. But ABC, NBC, CBS did not cover it on their nightly news broadcast, nor that did they cover it this morning, and they hours of air time in the morning. CNN did not cover the Maryland story in prime time last night. Ditto MSNBC. A story of that magnitude ignored by the national media! 

We all know why. Illegal immigration is a political issue. President Trump has made the apprehension of undocumented criminals a top priority. The Democratic Party is resisting that saying that all illegal aliens are being demonized and that presents a danger to that community.

Now, every fair-minded American knows the immigration system is broken and Congress has refused to fix it. We don’t know who is here. We don’t know where they are. And we don’t know what they’re doing. They being people who illegally enter this country. It is beyond the pale that even after this poor 14-year-old girl has had her life brutalized, even after that, the Maryland House of Delegates actually voted to make the state a sanctuary situation.

Thankfully, the Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan has said he will veto that legislation. But how on earth could members of that Maryland body after this poor young girl gets attacked, do that? It is incomprehensible. Many Americans have had enough. For decades, Congress has looked the other way as millions of people poured into the US without proper credentials.

Most of these people are harmless and many contribute to our society, but the fact remains that the federal government has lost control over the immigration process and that many states and cities will not obey federal law, creating anarchy. 

This is the best example I can give you. Between January 28th and February 3rd of this year, more than 3,000 detainers were ordered by the Department of Homeland Security.

That means that local jurisdictions were asked to hold illegal aliens in jail who ICE considered dangerous. Two hundred and six of those aliens were released by the sanctuary places despite the federal demand. Hundred and forty two of those releases came from one place, Travis County and Texas. That is Austin. We trust Texas officials will stop that madness in Travis County, as they have promised, but you can see how anarchy is being openly practiced in some places.

There comes a time when citizens at any country have to demand justice, demand protection, demand the law be respected. We have not, have not come to that time yet in America. We have a president who vows to stop the illegal alien criminals madness. But we have a media that openly opposes that, allowing the sanctuary movement to pretty much run wild.

The Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump because they feared that a Democratic president would appoint another liberal judge to the Supreme Court. In recent times, the court has often ruled on politics, not the law. Mr. Trump nominated forty-nine year old Neil Gorsuch from Colorado. Gorsuch has a very solid judicial record and serves on the tenth US district of appeals in Denver. Yesterday there were hearings in the Senate to approve Judge Gorsuch to the highest court in the country. Predictably, some liberal politicians do not like the judge simply because he is not a liberal. Even though his record is stellar and his philosophy independent, some Democratic senators will not vote for him. 

Some senators (like Democratic Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein) at the hearing voiced their opinions in support of loose interpretation of the Constitution and also that the Constitution is a living document intended to evolve as our country evolves. Those Democrats should know better. If judges are free to rule on judicial evolution, that means that they become politicians. All judges in America should just have one rule: what was the intent of the original Constitution? If they reject that, then they make decisions based upon their own political beliefs. Then what do we have? Just another extension of Congress, not a Supreme Court.

There’s no question that the Constitution gives the president power to stop some foreign nationals from coming into the US. But activist judges have blocked President Trump’s travel order, saying in essence it’s anti-Muslim. If that were the case, many more Muslim countries (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other countries) would be included in the president’s order, but they are not. So everybody (every fair minded person) knows that politics, not the law, are involved here and eventually the president will win in federal court. The activist judges don’t care. They have temporarily blocked the order and are liberal heroes. Judge Gorsuch looks like a traditionalist man who believes the intent of the Constitution should reign. Again, the seems to be unacceptable to the Democratic senators. They want a political judge. They want a liberal judge.

The best example of Constitutional debate is the Second Amendment: the right “to keep and bear arms.” It is clear that the Founding Fathers wanted Americans to have the ability to protect themselves. Back then, militias were the mechanism, private citizens with guns organizing against threats. Today, the threats are more personal, terrorists and criminals, not frontier marauders. Americans have a Constitutional right to defend themselves against those who would harm them. That’s why firearms cannot be banned, but they can be limited. Some limits are reasonable and individual states have the right to mandate gun laws based on the will of their people. The left rejects that and in some cases wants to ban guns outright. Things could change dramatically if the Supreme Court becomes solely a political party dominated by the left. 

Intent, not evolution, should be the litmus test for Constitutional law. That’s why a traditional judge, like Neil Gorsuch, is vital in this situation. He will likely sit for decades, presiding over a country in the middle of a social civil war.

James Comey’s Testimony In Front of the House Intelligence Committee 

The House Intelligence Committee spent a few hours with FBI chief James Comey and NSA boss Admiral Mike Rogers. It was clear from the beginning that there was a political agenda, as there always is. The GOP’s top congressmen’s top concern was about the leakers giving classified information to reporters. On the Democratic side, it was the Obama tap allegation that President Trump tweeted out. At this point, after yesterday’s testimony, there is absolutely no evidence that President Obama tapped Trump Tower. But, Press Secretary Sean Spicer also said yesterday that there will be more tap information forthcoming, especially about the General Flynn situation. Now the fair thing here is to be fair, avoid speculation, but skepticism on this issue is warned. The Democrats also zeroed in on two former members of the Trump campaign, hoping to link them to the Russians. First was a man named Roger Stone, a man who worked for Mr. Trump for two months in 2015, he was a consultant. Second was Paul Manafort who worked for the Trump campaign for approximately five months, but did have a powerful position as campaign chairman. Democrats insinuated that both Roger Stone and Paul Manafort were involved in some kind of corrupt scheme. But Mike Rogers and James Comey would not take the bait. They said that the investigation is ongoing and they can’t comment.

I’ll be surprised if anything comes of this Russia investigation. However, that controversy is what drove President Trump to accuse President Obama. The President is so infuriated that the media is obsessed about the alleged Russia connection. So he lashed out, trying to create a firestorm over the Obama administration. 

The problem is there’s no evidence that anything happened at the Trump Tower. There’s evidence that the Obama administration surveilled journalists and the German chancellor, but it doesn’t prove Trump’s point. The accusation that President Obama was actively involved in harming the Trump campaign has now harmed the president himself. President Trump needs Americans to focus on the economy, the GOP healthcare proposal, and border security, not alleged conspiracies.

In the future, President Trump would be wise to embrace only facts in his pronouncements. This issue of leaks is of vital importance. Both Comey and Rogers acknowledged that yesterday. It was instructive to see that no Democrat on the House committee really zeroed in on the leakers. I expect the FBI to find who leaked stuff not only about General Flynn and Russia’s ambassador, but also who violated protocol by putting out the president’s conversations with the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of Mexico. If the FBI cannot arrest the leakers, this country is in major trouble.

Summing up, Republicans want to get away from the tap issue. Democrats continue to peddle the Russia-Trump campaign allegations. 

Wiretaps and Your Health 

The two things are separate, thank goodness.

Today the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee issued a statement saying they have no evidence that anyone tapped the Trump Tower.

Not a surprise.

But first, the debate over your health and how the country should treat you. Fact number one – we need a new healthcare system because working Americans are paying too much for health insurance, and the federal government is running up debt that will eventually harm all of us. So Congress needs to move. But no matter what the Republican majority in Congress comes up with, the opposing party will not vote for it.

“If we had the greatest healthcare bill ever in history, and we needed eight votes from the Democrats to get us up to the 60 number that you would need, they would not vote for it. It’s a very selfish thing. They are doing a very, very bad disservice to the country.” -President Trump 

Now, it is certainly true that Obamacare passed in the first place without one Republican vote. So to be fair, partisan politics dominates both sides of the aisle.But there’s one very important difference – Obamacare was an unknown when it passed in 2010. Now we know it doesn’t work because health insurance premiums are rising for too many Americans and a number of health insurance companies are simply bailing out of the system because they can’t make enough profit. So the situation must be improved for the good of all.

Here’s what should happen:

The federal mandate that all Americans must buy health insurance is not a good thing. Even though the Supreme Court said it’s constitutionally okay, it really isn’t. The feds have no right to tell us to buy anything. However, there are millions of Americans who simply cannot afford health insurance. Those folks should be able to receive government assistance, but in order to make it efficient that assistance should come from the states through Medicaid. Also health insurance companies should compete nationwide. That would drive down the premiums for working families. 

In addition, those Americans who do not buy health insurance should have to pay a bit more for coverage after they get sick. It is simply not fair for someone to wait until they have cancer and then want the same insurance rate as a healthy person. It’s also not fair for the partisan press to say folks will lose their health insurance if those same people refuse to apply for Medicaid or whatever.

I mean come on.

As I’ve said last week, there is a huge conflict between the Bernie Sanders people who want free health insurance for everybody and conservatives who say you should pay your own way. That’s at the heart of the healthcare debate, and it’s never going to be resolved. But for the good of all Americans, these pinheads in Congress should try to get the best bill possible and put their ideology on the shelf. Working Americans do not deserve to be gouged paying for healthcare insurance. And we are a compassionate country so we have to have safety nets for those who cannot support themselves.

The problem is, the can-nots mix with the will-nots and the system gets hammered. But that’s another problem that will never be solved. There will always be irresponsible Americans who game the system.

I also believe the Republican version of Obamacare will make it through the House with some compromises and arrive in the Senate at the end of March. There are a few Democratic senators who can be won over but only a few. So a new healthcare law is shaky to say the least.