Reasons Why My Main Man Mike Pence Is The Best

Thank goodness for Mike Pence.

As we all know, presidential candidates tend to select running mates who will make up for the qualities they lack, and potentially reach undecideds. Pence is a calm, experienced, unwavering public servant. In other words, he’s the opposite of his easily provoked, inexperienced, and evolving boss in almost every way.

This often crosses the mind: “I wish Mike Pence were president.” I’ve thought that, said that, and others have, too. Democrats say the same thing. Let’s be honest about it, though. If Pence had run for president, he would have been an early out like Scott Walker. Unfortunately, too many voters hate boring. Mike Pence is nice, not dramatic or flashy, and doesn’t have a past filled with controversy.

On top of that, he’s an honorable man. His personal standards regarding his marriage, recently revealed from an older interview, show him to be focused on protecting his marriage, no matter what others think. He was largely maligned by liberals for his supposedly “prudish” behavior, but Pence doesn’t care. He knows what matters.

Pence’s presence is hugely reassuring to voters, even those on the Right who voted for neither nominee. And he’s getting things done.

He’s a Trump Translator

This is an absolute necessity. Since his days as a running mate during the campaign that would never end, Pence has been a great filter for his boss. During the VP debate, he calmly articulated his ticket’s plans for the future. He did this sitting opposite of Democrat and obvious hothead, Tim Kaine.

Now that Trump and Pence are leading in D.C., he is doing the same thing. This major role has been obvious to everyone, as CNN observed early in February. They weren’t wrong.

The role each vice president plays changes from administration to administration. With Trump, Pence has regularly been called on to say things like “what you heard there” or “the President is simply expressing” — phrases that attempt to lower the temperature on Trump comments that have angered Democrats and Republicans.

…explaining the uncharacteristically blunt Trump is not easy and Pence has regularly been asked to cool tensions and rebut critics for a President known to hold nothing back rhetorically.

On Sunday, after Trump lambasted the judge that blocked his immigration ban by labeling him a “so-called” judge, Pence tried to spin the President’s commentary as “refreshing,” not presidential overreach.

Whether you agree with Trump or not, it’s clear Pence translates his language so traditional Republicans feel a bit more at ease.

He’s a Congressional Bridge

Have you noticed that President Trump and a fair amount in Congress aren’t exactly best friends? Set aside the Democrats who hate him, and you’re left with Republicans who only feel slightly less acrimony toward him. But only slightly.

Pence recently bridged the gap between his boss and the Freedom Caucus. They’ve been a popular Twitter subject for Trump as he directed frustration and accusations at them for ruining the disastrous AHCA, Obamacare’s kind of replacement.

No, we don’t have a brand new healthcare bill in Congress at the moment. That’s been moved to the back. Pence acted more as a mediator than vice president, but those two seem to regularly coincide in the Era of Trump. The time is ticking for GOP members in Congress to get things accomplished before midterm elections. Hopefully, Pence will be the calm force that helps to spur things along.

He’s the Disciple of the Administration

Pence is giving great face to the administration by going forth and spreading the Trump doctrine.

The staunchly pro-life Pence ignited the crowd during January’s March for Life. He is scheduled to give the commencement address at the University of Notre Dame later next month, though some safe space students are protesting. Currently, he’s traveling through Asia, encouraging allies, and discussing North Korea, as Bloomberg reports.

Vice President Mike Pence pressed South Korea and Japan for better trade terms on Tuesday even as he affirmed U.S. support for its Asian allies in dealing with North Korea.

On the third day of a swing through Asia, Pence told a business group in Seoul that the U.S.’s trade relationship with South Korea is “falling short” and a trade agreement between the nations is under review. Later in Tokyo, he stressed the need for quick results as he helmed a new economic dialogue arranged by President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“When President Trump agreed to this dialogue, he envisioned this as a mechanism for enhancing bilateral commercial relations between the U.S. and Japan and achieving results in the near future,” Pence said before meeting his counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso. “And I share that vision and that impatience.”

I don’t agree with everything coming from the Trump administration. I’ve flatly disagreed with some actions and supported others. No administration should receive an automatic, broad stamp of approval or disapproval.

In regards to Mike Pence, though, it’s safe to say Donald Trump made a great choice. He is as effective a foil to Trump as there could have been. I’m not quite sure how their dynamic works, but it does.

Pence isn’t the vice president we deserve, but he is certainly the one we need. Here’s to hoping he will influence his boss for the better.

Please enjoy this amazing picture with my political heroes (Ronald Reagan and Mike Pence): Mike Pence Attic

Have a conservative day!

-The Reagan Conservative 🇺🇸


Sportswriter Thinks the American Flag and Military Flyovers Are Political

I like sports to be politics free. When I watch a baseball game, the last thing I want to hear about is politics – even when I agree with whatever issue may be front and center. 

Major League Baseball teams do a great job keeping politics to a minimum. RedState writer Jay Caruso expressed his opinion:

“If Major League Baseball dives head first into politics, it won’t be long before players are asked not about a win or loss, but rather called upon to offer their view of President Donald Trump’s latest tweetstorm. Politics will become intertwined with baseball, to the detriment of the game.”- JAY CARUSO

Many people are content to let politics encroach on every area of their lives, and that includes both liberals and conservatives. That’s certainly their prerogative, but for others, myself included, the escape from politics is a nice departure from time to time. 

Baseball is underway and yesterday afternoon I took some time to watch my White Sox play the Minnesota Twins. The entire time I watched, I couldn’t have cared less what Donald Trump tweeted or anything about what the speculation news outlets were reporting. I was just watching baseball. 

Displays of the American flag and military flyovers before the start of games is quite common, and there’s no political element. It’s simply a patriotic symbol and a nod to the men and women who wear the uniform, ready to fight when called upon to do so. One NBC sportswriter sees it differently:

“Will you keep politics out of sports, please. We like sports to be politics-free.”- (tweeted with an attachment of an American flag on a baseball field) CRAIG CALCATERRA, NBC SPORTSWRITER 

Calcaterra’s first issue is that he’s a Dodgers fan. I’ll write that off as a character flaw, but more important is his absurd conclusion that what we see here is anything “political.” He was challenged on that and said in subsequent tweets:

“Maybe a flag, in and of itself isn’t always political. A two-acre flag with a military flyover is saying something very specific, however.”

So? Just because the flag and a military flyover are “saying something very specific” doesn’t make it a political statement. Two other tweets get to the root of Craig’s ‘problem.’

“[Having non-political love for one’s country] requires people to accept those who question our leaders and do not support all military ventures can still be patriots… Conspicuous patriotism is often used as a cudgel to silence/shame those who question our leaders.”- CALCATERRA

What Calcaterra is doing here is engaging in the fallacy known as a red herring. Calcaterra is discussing Topic A – He insinuates the American flag and a military flyover are political. He then introduces Topic B – Those who question military ventures are silenced and cudgeled under the banner of “patriotism” claiming it is relevant somehow to Topic A. He then hopes people forget about Topic A. 

He tried another tactic when he tweeted a long, lengthy passage from Wikipedia about the history of the American flag lapel pin, in how the Nixon administration first used American lapel pin as a symbol of patriotic solidarity against the anti-Vietnam protesters. In this example, he’s engaging in a diversionary tactic. He’s taking an example of when the flag was used as a political tool to deflect away from his original contention, which is the mere display of a giant American flag and a military flyover is inherently political.

In conclusion, Calcaterra (as a sportswriter) should not involved in any way in politics. I don’t buy his argument. There is no need for it, but especially when he makes delusional statements when he knows that he’s completely wrong. 

Speculation News Gets Trumped 

From now on, I will only refer to “fake news” as speculation news because that’s what they only embrace: speculation, not the facts. Now these speculations could be eventually proven somewhat true, however I believe that this new term effectively describes how they mislead the American people. Anyhow, here’s my commentary for today… 

You hear that? It’s absolutely nothing. Complete silence. That silence is the Trump-Russia collusion “scandal” dying. A few weeks ago, all you heard was that Trump campaign officials had contacted Russians before and after November. But this was all a diversion. 

After Hillary’s humiliating loss in November, the left began smearing Trump as a Putin puppet because they couldn’t accept defeat. We heard the words “special prosecutor”, “treason”, and even “impeachment”. Now notice that the narrative is dead. Why? Because President Trump launched missiles at Syria, right on Russia’s doorstep. You don’t do that if you’re in cahoots with the Kremlin. 

So with the collusion theory up in smoke, guess what the Democrats have been reduced to. Here’s what Congressman Swalwell tweeted out to all of his random followers:

“Help me connect the #TrumpRussia dots. Submit your tips & we’ll follow the evidence & and post online”- CONGRESSMAN ERIC SWALWELL VIA HIS TWITTER ACCOUNT 

So Democrats are setting up an internet tip hotline? Congress has investigative powers and they’re asking Joe Smith from Arkansas to see if he has any tips. Obviously they have nothing. As if they wouldn’t think that anyone wouldn’t notice that they completely dropped the Trump-Russia thing, the left has now started a new anti-Trump narrative, that President Trump completely flipped his opinions on NATO and China from the campaign trail to now. 

Donald Trump campaigned on, and stills believes, that NATO members are not equally paying their contribution costs. Now, NATO member countries have begun ponying up more money. Also, with the Russian and Syrian conflicts going on, NATO needs to be as strong and as united as possible to be an absolute pain to Putin. With China, President Trump understands that a warmer relationship with China ices out Russia and to help control the North Korean conflict. 

In conclusion, pay close attention to the ever changing anti-Trump narratives that the media spews out, they reveal more about the media and less about the President. And also the media will always be in attack mode, but the key is to know their playbook: faking (and speculating) scandals, smearing, and using flip-flop allegations will be employed interchangeably throughout the news cycle. But President Trump, unlike most Republicans, doesn’t cave in when he’s attacked; so the media will continue to be steamrolled over and is left barely and desperately grasping for straws.

Crimes Against Humanity

It falls to America, to us to stop war crimes and atrocities all over the world. Other countries will not do that including great powers like China and Russia. So is left to we the people and our elected representatives to decide who were going to save. 

It’s a gut wrenching decision as millions of people have been murdered all over the world by sick tyrants. President Trump’s missile attack on Syria has sent a new message to the world that the USA is going to hold war criminals accountable at least to some extent. The previous president, Barack Obama would not do that. Instead, use negotiations which often failed.


“We’ve eliminated Syria’s declared chemical weapons program. All of these steps have helped to keep us safe and help keep our troops safe. Those of the results of diplomacy. And sustain diplomatic efforts no matter how frustrating or difficult they sometimes appear are going to be required to resolve the conflicts whirling in the Middle East from Yemen to Syria to Israel and Palestine.”- PRESIDENT OBAMA

And now we know the negotiations were phony. Not on the United States as part, but Syria did not eliminate its chemical weapons program. Casting grave doubt on whether Iran will obey the nuke deal President Obama made. It is beyond a reasonable doubt that the Syrian Dictator Assad is a war criminal. He is. But there are many other countries around the world in the same awful category. 

According to Human Rights Watch, the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un allows the following. A systematic widespread and gross human rights violations including murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortion on and on and on. Roughly eighteen million people in North Korea do not get enough food according to a U.N. report released last month. But that’s not enough to attack the country. 

There is some sense of responsibility on the part of the North Korean people themselves. Sometimes, you have to fight for your life and rights. The United States cannot declare war on North Korea despite the atrocities. But if the loony dictator continues to violate international weapons laws, targeted military action can be taken with justification. And then there’s ISIS, which routinely rapes and kidnaps women, sells them into slavery, executes homosexuals, slaughters Christians and basically kills and maims at will. 

ISIS is currently under attack by a coalition of nations headed by you guessed it, us. And there’s no excuse for not wiping ISIS off the face of the earth. A lesser group Boko Haram based in Nigeria, Africa kills children. Reuters is now reporting that group may have murdered 15,000 people over the years. It’s a Muslim extremist group. It uses female and child suicide bombers, at least forty four children were killed in suicide attacks in 2015 alone. The world has not yet united against Boko Haram. But it should. 

So, you can see that President Trump, the leader of the free world has his hands full. For eight years, President Obama expressed indignation over crimes against humanity and he did attacked evildoers with drones. But the problem is getting worse worldwide. And now it’s up to President Trump to see if he can control it.

Donald Trump as the Commander-In-Chief 

The president’s job approval numbers are likely to go up because he took strong action against Syria after the tyrant Assad gassed his own people.

There are also a number of developments on the military front. U.S. warships are heading toward the Korean Peninsula because the nutty dictator of that country continues to test ballistic missiles in violation of international law. Also the two U.S. warships in the eastern Mediterranean continue to monitor Syria. There’s also an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, the George H.W. Bush. 

So you can see that President Trump and the Pentagon are sending signals that if world order is threatened, America will respond. It’s just a damn shame that we are the only country willing to take this stand. 

There is no reason for Russia to prop up Assad in Syria, the man is a war criminal. Also, China does not try to control the North Korea situation when it absolutely could. Staunch allies like Britain, Australia, Canada and France do help us out, but it’s on a limited basis. Unfortunately policing the world falls to America, with all the danger and expense that entails. President Trump would be wise to pick his spots. The attack on Syria worked and was approved by most in the world who care about protecting innocent people. 

Yes, Russia and Iran are now threatening the USA, but so what? Those countries have thrown in with the devil, and we cannot back away from their bluster. 

However, a confrontation with Russia is not what anybody needs, so President Trump would be wise to talk to Putin quietly and try to get the guy to wise up by helping his economy. Iran is truly a hopeless situation, but the mullahs do not want to commit suicide. How the nuke treaty will eventually play out is one of the great world mysteries. 

It is likely that North Korea will be the next problem we have to deal with. If they test a nuclear device again in violation of international law, something must be done. 

Can Donald Trump convince the Chinese to partner up with us against North Korea? That would end the problem and be good for world order and business. Again, it is a mystery why the Chinese will not exert their strength and influence on North Korea. 

Summing up, President Trump gained a measure of respect for his actions against Syria, the U.S. military is gearing up, but caution is the word.

The Problem With Political Correctness 

Names do hurt — names can shame, ridicule, and humiliate. Some pertain to race or gender; others refer to weight, facial features, or a particular part of one’s anatomy. Names that refer to social class or what part of the country you’re from can be hurtful, as can names that involve age, religion, or physical ability. Even slang names for certain occupations can be hurtful. Certainly, no one likes to be called a name that is disrespectful, unkind, or downright mean.

But there is another category of name-calling that is also hurtful and destructive: names such as “racist,” “sexist,” “homophobe,” “anti-Semite,” “bigot,” and the like. Yet many throw these labels around at the drop of a hat, without understanding what the labels actually mean — not to mention the damage done by accusing someone of racism, sexism, etc. The accusation alone — even without merit — can be enough to besmirch a reputation, kill a career, and/or be used to invalidate a lifetime of good work.

Let’s consider the definition of racism: “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial difference produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.” How about the definition of sexism: “prejudice or discrimination based on sex; especially: discrimination against women.” And let’s see who is a bigot: “a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially: one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.”

I wonder, do the TV talking heads understand the true definition of the labels they hurl at public figures: “racist,” “sexist,” “bigoted,” or worse — based on nothing more than a comment taken out of context, someone’s clumsy attempt at humor, or a photo or image that’s the artistic expression of a creative person?

How many of us understand these definitions when we call someone a racist or sexist jerk? Jerk, perhaps… but racist or sexist? Perhaps… perhaps not. Do we really understand the seriousness of those labels? Or, are we simply indulging in destructive name-calling based on political correctness?

My point is that the political correctness movement has gone way too far. While the original intent of political correctness may have been good (to encourage tact and sensitivity to others’ feelings around issues of gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical abilities, and such), the effect of political correctness has been to make everyone avoid these topics altogether — thereby hindering our ability to get comfortable in living and working with those who are different from us. It’s gone so far that political correctness has become a bigger problem than the problem it was intended to address!

It’s gotten so bad that many think that political correctness movement was invented by the far right to inhibit any meaningful discussion of diversity issues in order to keep racial, gender, and other barriers in place. Wow. Could these cynical (dare I say paranoid) people be right?

It doesn’t really matter whether the PC Police come from the right or the left; the result is the same. These days everyone is so afraid of being called “sexist” or “racist” or “anti-Semitic” or some other career-killing label, that we all tiptoe carefully around diversity issues, and avoid them altogether if we possibly can.

But the question is: How are we ever going to be able to live and work together more comfortably if there’s a whole herd of elephants in the room? If we can’t talk about our feelings, fears, aspirations, anxieties, assumptions, hopes, worries, dreams, and concerns, how can we ever build trust with those who are different from us? If we can’t talk about differences that puzzle us, or things we’re curious about, without fear of giving offense, then how can we ever overcome our ignorance about cultures and races — or even the opposite sex?

If we must constantly self-censor any conversation pertaining to race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or physical ability, then we are doomed to perpetuate the very barriers we say we want to overcome.

To those who serve in today’s PC Police, I understand that your intentions are good. But there is often a big gap between intent and impact. I would invite you to consider the impact of your censorship and finger-wagging, as well as your inclination to self-righteous, moral indignation. You don’t realize it, but you’re effectively throwing a wet blanket over public (and private) discussions of vitally important issues. You’ve gone too far in your efforts to protect everyone’s feelings. You’re essentially imposing a gag order on the whole of American society, and in so doing, you’re hindering our progress in getting to know one another and to understand others’ different perspectives, viewpoints, feelings, and life experiences.

Lighten up, please. Resign from the PC Police. Give us all a break.

The US Attacks Syria 

Two nights ago, around eight o’clock (standard central time), sixty missiles were launched from American war ships in the eastern Mediterranean. Fifty-nine missiles hit their targets. The goal was to destroy an air base from which Syrian planes recently dropped sarin gas on civilians, killing thirty children and twenty women according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. According to reporting based on a variety of agencies, this is the fifth time, at least, the Syrian dictator Assad has violated the Geneva Conventions and used poison gas to kill civilian.

Back in 2012 President Barack Obama threatened Assad.

“The use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. And if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences, and you will be held accountable.”- PRESIDENT OBAMA

But Assad was not held accountable. Instead the Obama administration did what it always did, talked. And announced a deal with the dictator. A fascinating footnote is that Susan Rice was on point alongside John Kerry:

“We were able to find a solution that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished.”- SUSAN RICE

“With respect to Syria, we struck a deal where we got 100% of the chemical weapons out.”- JOHN KERRY 

Obviously, a false belief. For years Assad has been protected by the Russians, who were warned the attack was coming last night so they could move their personnel out of the air field.

“Russia should be embarrassed and ashamed. They are saying there were no nerve agents or chemical weapons left. We know that for the better part of this year, Assad has been using chlorine bombs against innocent civilians and population centers, and now yesterday, a couple days ago a nerve agent, sarin. So the Russians have been covering for Assad and if it were not for the Russians, Assad would not still be in power.”- SEN. MARCO RUBIO (R-FL)

That’s true. Putin continues to prop up Assad while thousands of people die and at least five million Syrians are refugees. Most sane people support the missile attack last night. Sane is the key word here.

“It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gasses. I think there is a zero chance he would have done this deliberately.”- FMR. REP. RON PAUL (R-TX)

The former congressman apparently believing Assad was set up by somebody. Now the morality of the attack is certainly acceptable. When you have war crimes being openly committed, a noble nation will confront that. Unfortunately, noble nations are in short supply these days, the USA being an exception.

Also America’s national security is in play because poison gas can be used by terrorists. Assad has a close relationship with Iran and Hezbollah. Once chemical weapons become acceptable, the world becomes an unstable place. Assad’s air force should have been destroyed a long time ago and NATO should have established safe zones inside Syria to protect the innocent. Under President Obama none of that was remotely possible because of his strategy of retreat. But now the new President Donald Trump is sending a message to the world: The US will not tolerate war crimes from nations like Syria.

The downside is for every action, there is a reaction. So security is heightened here in the USA, as we become an even bigger target for evil-doers.

Summing up, America was justified in destroying the Syrian airport, rogue nations should be dealt with by the world but if they are not, the lone superpower has a responsibility. Even most of the Trump-haters in Congress agree that if we can stop children from being gassed to death, we should do so.