Fake News and the Media

Stupid biased media! They are the problem. They are the fake news. With deportation, policy hasn’t changed since Obama! Not one single change! Obama deported more people than Clinton and Bush II combined. If you’re here illegally and you break the law, you get deported. End of story. That’s how the policy’s always been. But now, CNN and other “unbiased” media outlets make a huge deal out of every deportation of these ILLEGAL immigrants. But all of these things were happening when Obama was president. There is a constant microscope under the Trump administration and it’s completely awful.

On the Trump Administration

Building the wall is stupid. It is the most expensive and ineffective way to handle Mexico. Building the wall will taint his presidency, even if he accomplishes something absolutely amazing, it’ll still be tainted by the damn wall.

Trump just sometimes needs to hold his tongue and shut up sometimes. If people want to believe that he’s competent, he’s going to have to make a change. Just stop tweeting. Period. Or have every tweet that you have drafted be quadruple checked by his advisors to make it not controversial.

Kellyanne Conway is a complete moron. She has the IQ of 2. When I listen to her talk, I lose brain cells. Just have her stop talking to the press. She doesn’t have to talk the press. All she does is make a fool of herself, makes the situation worse, and gives the left more ammo. It’ll never happen, but she should be fired and kicked out of DC.

Also, I like Sean Spicer. He’s a good guy, but he really needs to check his sources a billion times. Any small error that he makes will be exaggerated and made fun of indefinitely.

So You’ve Decided Not to Stand for the National Anthem?

Dear Disrespectful Moron,

So you’ve decided not to stand for the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem? How idiotic and moronic of you. I also understand that it’s your constitutional right to have freedom of speech in all, but why are you actually doing it? It can’t possibly be to make a change, it’s all for attention.

Your reasons for not standing is that Americans don’t have the same freedoms as before or that there’s less and less racial equality in the country; but these reasons are absolutely absurd. Go and live in freaking Syria or North Korea for a couple of weeks and come back to America and then you can tell me how our country ranks with others.

The majority of the people on the planet would rather be living in our situation in our society in America than in theirs. If you really think that there’s so much inequality in America, then leave you unpatriotic moron.

The Reagan Conservative

About General Flynn

We don’t know that much about what went down. He may or may not have said illegal things to the Russians, but that is all speculation. We don’t have any transcripts of these phone calls and probably never will. But nevertheless, the liberals are concocting their own stories of what happened and are trying to act like the whole Trump administration is completely shady. But these phone calls were made known to the public (through the Washington Post and NYT) illegally. The liberals are completely freaking out about this and want the nation to be completely consumed by this story; but they didn’t have one single problem when America knew, without a doubt, that Hillary was communicating national classified information on her private email server. Hypocrites!

And then the left will say that the rightists are being hypocritical because they applauded the Wikileaks hacks and the DNC emails, but the difference is that the Flynn issue is a national security issue. No one doesn’t really care about the security of the DNC.

Also, I will also say that Snowden and Assange are criminals and should be locked up.

On Protesters

Let’s get a few things straight: You do not have the right to destroy property, private or public. You do not have the right to break windows; assault, hit, or spray mace in the face of another person. All of these listed things are crimes. The First Amendment does not give you the right to commit a crime. You do not have the right to block traffic. You do not have the right to stop people from catching an airplane. Your rights are not superior to others’ rights. You don’t like the president? That’s just too bad. Get out and vote next time.

How Liberal (Extremists) Feel About 2017

Liberal (extremist) quote of the day: “2017 is going to suck: Trump is practically hitler, there aren’t enough safe spaces at universities, there aren’t any gender neutral bathrooms, there are a bunch of patriotic morons standing for the national anthem/ pledge of allegiance, we aren’t letting in enough refuges/ immigrants into our country, marijuana isn’t nationally legalized, we have a capitalistic economic system instead of a socialistic system, minimum wage is only going to be $15 (in some parts of the country), and schools aren’t secular-progressive enough.”

Stop Being Hateful

Dear Hypocrites,

You’re so worried that Trump is going to spread/cause hate in America. Yet you’re the ones degrading people because of who they voted for. You are calling people ignorant, stupid, and uneducated. You’re protesting, rioting, and making fools of yourselves.

Also, a large part of the liberal ideology is to be accepting of anyone; to be all-inclusive of everyone. But the majority of those same people who embrace the “all-accepting” ideology do not accept the Trump supporters. Kinda of hypocritical if you ask me.


The Reagan Conservative