My Positions

Here are all of my political positions on every issue (in no particular order) that I feel passionate about.

Pro-life, unless the mother’s life is in danger (LIFE not HEALTH). Rape is apart of .0000001% of all abortions that are carried out. Every human life is precious, especially an unborn child. We need to encourage and value the innocent and vulnerable among us.

We should defund Planned Parenthood and all other organizations that perform abortions.

Same sex marriage should have never been a thing. Marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. We should allow civil unions, but don’t call it marriage.

The government shouldn’t increase regulations to prevent climate change. Instead the government should provide SMALL incentives for companies that use alternative energy and other programs.

The minimum wage shouldn’t be raised because it will cause prices to raise and then we’ll be in a never ending cycle.

The government should make cuts to public spending (reducing the benefits and salaries of government officials) to reduce the national debt.

Welfare recipients should be tested for drugs AND the government should terminate all benefits for anyone that tests positive.

We should never take away the right of the citizen for sporting, hunting, and for home defense, however an AK-47 and a machine gun is not a sporting weapon and is not needed for the defense of the home. Criminals and the mentally ill shouldn’t have access to guns. We should require strict background checks, psychological testing, and training to purchase a gun.

Affirmative action is stupid. Period.

We should never decriminalize drug use. You broke the law.

Obamacare should have never been passed. To maintain a free market, government should have no business in healthcare.

Marijuana shouldn’t be nationally legalized. End of story.

There should be term limits for members of the legislature (especially on the state level) to increases performance and to prevent corruption.

The government should raise the retirement age for Social Security because people are living longer than when the program was created.

Foreign lobbyists should not be allowed to raise money for American elections and should not be allowed to but the influence of our politicians.

The redrawing of Congressional districts should be controlled by an independent, non-partisan commission.

A photo ID should be required to vote to prevent voter fraud. No ifs, ands, of buts.

If you’re an illegal immigrant, you should have no access to welfare. If you pay taxes, then I guess you have a “right” to welfare, but in reality you shouldn’t be here.

If an illegal immigrant commits any crime of any kind, they should be deported immediately.

Businesses should be able to deny service to a customer if the request conflicts with the owner’s religious beliefs or any other reason.

There are only two genders that are genetically (chromosomally) determined, not psychologically.

Increasing the capital gains tax on profits from stocks, bonds, and real estate will limit investment in our economy.

Producers should be required to label all GMOs.

The gender wage gap is a myth because of the other variables such as education, experience, and tenure that determine a fair salary.

Labor unions, as a whole, hurt the economy.

There are always two sides to every argument: my side and the losing side. However, I am always open to discussion and debate.

Have a conservative day!

-The Reagan Conservative 🇺🇸


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