I am a college student currently studying genetics for my undergraduate degree at Clemson University, originally from the suburbs of Chicagoland. This blog is a collection of my political reactions, rants, and commentary to daily news stories and what is currently going on around the world. I only write the truth: the whole truth and nothing but the truth. This page is named after my favorite president and one of the country’s best presidents Ronald Reagan.

I also never refer to people as “Republicans” or “Democrats”. I will usually use the terms “conservatives”, “liberals”, “rightists”, or “leftists”. Reason being is that one person can lean towards one particular side of the political spectrum, but one person is never going to agree with one hundred percent of a political party’s ideals. Sure you can identify as a Republican or Democrat, but if you agree with every issue as one particular party, you are probably lying to yourself.

If you had to categorize me into a political party, I would say that fiscally I’m a Libertarian and socially I’m a Republican; but overall, I would say that I’m center-right and my opinions vary issue by issue.

I also believe that in America, we are currently going under a cultural war. It is the traditionalists (majority of conservatives with some liberals) versus the secular-progressives (almost all made up of liberals). I am a culture warrior in support of the traditionalists and this blog is one of the ways that I’m fighting in this war.

Anyhow, I sincerely enjoy politics, point out hypocrisy in our country, and encourage for others to have an open mind and to defend their beliefs.

Have a Conservative Day!

-The Reagan Conservative 🇺🇸