The Scary Anti-Free Speech Movement 

So let’s play a game called “Who’s the fascist?”, because now anyone can play. In Portland, Oregon their annual rose parade was canceled after leftists promised to violently attack the local Republicans (if they showed up). If organizers didn’t cave, hundreds of rioters would swarm. So they caved, and canceled the whole event, with the excuse that they could not guarantee the participants’ safety; which is now the go to excuse to enable the mob. 

Now this is nuts. We’re America, people have fought and died for the right of free speech and assembly, and we let mobs of pointless weasels take that away? As lawless rioters brag about how they own the city, you prove them right by giving in. So where’s the media or the heroic actors and musicians that fight for tolerance? 

So who’s fault is it? Do you blame the spoiled brats for being spoiled brats? What about their enablers, like the academics who claim to defend free speech (unless you’re a conservative), the liberal bureaucrats in college towns (that are now cowering under their desk), or the meek tweeters in Hollywood who “bravely” zing right wingers who remain silent? 

What we’re seeing is the first anti-free speech movement. And it’s from the progressive, punitive mob; coddled for decades by the media, entertainment industry, and government. 

On college campuses and towns, the American flag is slowly being replaced by a white one. First speeches, now parades. 

What’s next? That’s a really good, but also very scary question. 


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