On Earth Day, the “March for Science”, Climate Change, and Other “Fun” Stuff…

So did you know what Saturday was? It was Earth Day. Some New Yorkers definitely knew because the city of New York shut down the main streets so cars and trucks idled forever on the side avenues, which was apparently great for the planet. There was also a “March for Science”…

“They’re literally endangering the entire plant for short term political gain. Climate change is real. And millions of people may be dying of it not too far in the future. And it’s infuriating that people pretend that it’s not decided and pretend that it’s not happening. The oceans are rising, the glaciers are melting, its insane.”- A MARCH FOR SCIENCE MARCHER

That didn’t seem like science, and I love science. It’s given us so much: water purification, antibiotics, light bulbs, etc. I don’t think that “march for science” was really for science, it was for silence. 

The fact is if you hold any view critical of climate dogma, you will be smeared. Bill Nye, the science mascot for Botox reporters, recently scolded CNN for having an actual, real physicist on the program to debate him. 

“I will say as much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not ninety seven or ninety eight scientists or engineers concerned with climate change.”- BILL NYE 

Ya, that would work (please sense the sarcasm). So you can’t even have a scientist, not even ONE scientist on, to question a comedian that got his degree for mechanical engineering? See, Nye breaks the golden rule of science: he’s mocking skepticism, which is the spine behind the scientific method. An actual scientist embraces debate because it sharpens their research. Look, you could still want clean air and clean water; but you can still question climate predictions because they’re often horrible wrong. But Nye paints everyone who is a critic as anti-science, even those who tread carefully through the data. 

Why should debates scare Nye? Because climate fear is his livelihood, it is his game. And if you don’t play a long, then you’re off the field. And that way he can’t lose, and so far it works for him, it got him a new “science” Netflix show. 


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