Quiz: Are You a Snowflake?

1. Are you crazy or stupid wanting to work with all of the freebies out there?

2. Does it upset you that Roy Rogers named his horse “Trigger”?

3. Is “good morning” a micro-aggression against people who want to sleep in?

4. If you deem someone to not be as loving as you, do you then hate them?

5. Boxers or brief attention span?

6. How much are you going to sue me for making you take this quiz?

7. Are you too lazy to get restless leg syndrome?

8. Would you take a summer job as a safe space lifeguard?

9. Is this agreement with you immoral?

10. Is Nancy Pelosi your political idol?

11. Do you only watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC?

A portion of this “quiz” was created by comedian Dennis Miller.


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