Has the Hatred Toward Donald Trump Reached a Dangerous Level?

Here’s a question that I would like to be posed to the American people: Do you believe that the hatred toward President Trump has reached a dangerous level? The answer is yes. Whether you like the president or not, it’s brutally unfair to undermine his administration as some of his opponents are trying to do. We have the Democratic Party refusing to cooperate on anything. Now it looks like Senate rules will have to be changed to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Not enough Democrats support him. It’s clear that Judge Gorsuch is qualified. It is also clear that Senator Chuck Schumer doesn’t want any of his colleagues to support Gorsuch. Many Democrat senators fear Schumer.

As fair minded people will concede, there was hatred toward President Obama. But in the first months of Obama’s tenure, there was no apparent undermining of his administration. 

But now we have the climate of hatred where there are no rules. And the media feeds the beast every single day. The left-stream media was completely caught off guard by Trump’s win, and they are angry and bitter. They have given Trump a hard time about everything he says and does. President Trump deserves an ‘A’ on some policies and the economy, but his communications department has to do better. But that still does not clear the media from being completely dishonorable. As a former APUSH (AP US History) student, I can tell you I have never seen the national press despise a president more than Donald Trump. Richard Nixon might have come close at the end of his term, but what we have now is unfair and destructive for America. Hate should not be part of the political landscape.


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