How Politicians Are Hurting the American People

The failure to pass new new health care proposal in the House has hurt the GOP and President Trump. The situation is very confusing, let me break it down so even the politicians will understand. 

There are three basic things that America needs from a fair health care plan. First, a reasonable cost. Working people can’t be punished with high insurance premiums. Second, the poor who cannot afford insurance are given access to healthcare in some way. Medicaid is perhaps the best way. Third, that all Americans are protected from medical catastrophe.

So if I’m a sitting Republican congressman, how do I vote on the new proposal to replace Obamacare? It’s impossible to know if the proposed GOP law would lower costs for everyone. But if healthcare companies can eventually compete all across America, market forces would likely bring the cost down. I’m also evaluating the entire situation. It doesn’t do any good opposing the first House proposal knowing that the Senate will change it. It seems logical that you move the process along. Then at the end, when the entire bill is in front of you, you vote your conscience.

But by throwing the whole thing out for ideological reasons, nothing is accomplished other than the GOP looking bad. This analysis is not based on any party sentiment by me. It’s all about you and what’s best for the American people. 

It’s a given that Democrats are not going to turn on Obamacare. They’ll support it to the bitter end. Democrats may tweak it a little bit. But they want a giant, expensive entitlement that hurts workers by making them pay higher premiums. So if the GOP doesn’t unite, Obamacare stays the way it is. The big reveal here is that conservative Republicans who voted against the new proposal will not compromise.

President Trump did get hurt by the healthcare ordeal. But it’s not a catastrophe. All presidents lose on some major issues. For example, President Obama wanted to close Guantanamo Bay and ramp up social justice spending, but neither happened. Making new laws is tough, as it should be. The president would be wise to move along and try to get a new tax code. That issues should unite all Republicans who believe the free marketplace is the way to provide prosperity to Americans. If some Republicans oppose lower taxes, that would be stunning.

But President Trump needs to move quickly. A tax plan should become clear in early May. We need new tax rates for workers and corporations. We also need to phase out deductions that only benefit the very wealthy. That doesn’t seem to be too much to ask Congress to do.


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