James Comey’s Testimony In Front of the House Intelligence Committee 

The House Intelligence Committee spent a few hours with FBI chief James Comey and NSA boss Admiral Mike Rogers. It was clear from the beginning that there was a political agenda, as there always is. The GOP’s top congressmen’s top concern was about the leakers giving classified information to reporters. On the Democratic side, it was the Obama tap allegation that President Trump tweeted out. At this point, after yesterday’s testimony, there is absolutely no evidence that President Obama tapped Trump Tower. But, Press Secretary Sean Spicer also said yesterday that there will be more tap information forthcoming, especially about the General Flynn situation. Now the fair thing here is to be fair, avoid speculation, but skepticism on this issue is warned. The Democrats also zeroed in on two former members of the Trump campaign, hoping to link them to the Russians. First was a man named Roger Stone, a man who worked for Mr. Trump for two months in 2015, he was a consultant. Second was Paul Manafort who worked for the Trump campaign for approximately five months, but did have a powerful position as campaign chairman. Democrats insinuated that both Roger Stone and Paul Manafort were involved in some kind of corrupt scheme. But Mike Rogers and James Comey would not take the bait. They said that the investigation is ongoing and they can’t comment.

I’ll be surprised if anything comes of this Russia investigation. However, that controversy is what drove President Trump to accuse President Obama. The President is so infuriated that the media is obsessed about the alleged Russia connection. So he lashed out, trying to create a firestorm over the Obama administration. 

The problem is there’s no evidence that anything happened at the Trump Tower. There’s evidence that the Obama administration surveilled journalists and the German chancellor, but it doesn’t prove Trump’s point. The accusation that President Obama was actively involved in harming the Trump campaign has now harmed the president himself. President Trump needs Americans to focus on the economy, the GOP healthcare proposal, and border security, not alleged conspiracies.

In the future, President Trump would be wise to embrace only facts in his pronouncements. This issue of leaks is of vital importance. Both Comey and Rogers acknowledged that yesterday. It was instructive to see that no Democrat on the House committee really zeroed in on the leakers. I expect the FBI to find who leaked stuff not only about General Flynn and Russia’s ambassador, but also who violated protocol by putting out the president’s conversations with the Prime Minister of Australia and the President of Mexico. If the FBI cannot arrest the leakers, this country is in major trouble.

Summing up, Republicans want to get away from the tap issue. Democrats continue to peddle the Russia-Trump campaign allegations. 


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