Irrational Thinking and Hysterical Debates

The irrationality in some precincts and the dishonesty of some zealots and the absolute hysteria that surrounds some news stories is simply dumb and incredibly annoying. You get nowhere when you present the facts and they are rejected, so why bother? Facts don’t matter to these ignorant morons or conspiracists, why debate them? And the worst part is if you don’t see it the way that these far leftists do, then you’re branded as a racist.

No matter how many facts you present to Nancy Pelosi, she is still going to tell you how great Obamacare is. No matter how many policy failures there were in the Iraq war, some conservatives will shrug it off and deny any mistakes. The propaganda element is worse on the left at this point in history, but the zealots on both sides spin it. They’re not looking for the truth.

Now, back to Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi knows that her own city (San Francisco) is falling apart due to liberal policies and Obamacare is failing and has hurt far more Americans than it has helped. In her mind, she’s noble because in far-left tenets. For irrational people (like Pelosi), compromise is impossible and that’s why America is having a tough time. There are way too many irrational people. 


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