President Trump Dismisses Appointees, So What?

Forty six United States attorneys have been asked by the newly elected president of the United States to tender their resignations. So what? But to here it from the left you would think that this is just another affront to democracy and to our way of life by the Trump administration. In fact, I’m surprised that they didn’t throw in the Russians too. 

Let me give it to you straight, this is a NON-STORY. It is not unusual for for any new administration to seek the dismissal of political appointees, especially when a new party comes in. United States attorneys are people who serve under the pleasure of the president. In 1993, Bill Clinton’s administration sought the resignation of all sitting US attorneys that were appointed by republican President George Bush. The Obama administration also replaced all US attorneys, but one, that were appointed by the Bush II administration. I believe that it was President Obama who said that “elections have consequences.”

But why go quietly with dignity, when you can create chaos? But attorney Preet Bharara digs in his heels and and refuses to resign, and insisted for the President to fire him.

Say what? Do you really think that you have a claim to this office? Now forty seven have automatically stepped aside, because they know the protocol, the remaining forty six attorneys are asked to tender their resignations. The “horror” comes out and Bharara cannot believe that this applies to him. But men bigger, gentler, and more powerful than Bharara have stepped down in years past when new administrations have come in. 

So since this happens all the time, what’s the fuss? The Trump haters have claimed that any change interrupts all ongoing investigations and prosecutions, and ultimately jeopardizes justice; especially where public corruption cases are being tried, justice is at state. Cut it out! Do you really think in the entire history of our country that a prosecutor (federal, state, local, village, or town) has been replaced by another one? What are we supposed to do when they die? Just give up? 

But because Bharara has such a huge ego, because he thinks he’s so all important, he couldn’t believe such a request would apply to him, he ramped it up, and dared the president of the United States to fire him. 

Trump is doing what he’s supposed to do. The President is replacing people who are opposed to him with people who are on his side. So what do you what happened? Donald Trump did what Donald Trump does so well, he said “You’re fired!”


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