Treason In the Air

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord…

Can you feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord

-Phil Collins

Somebody either leaked or hacked into CIA files that explained how US intelligence tracks the enemies of the nation. WikiLeaks says it has released almost nine thousand documents from the CIA Center for Cyber Intelligence. A Wall Street Journal editorial put it this way: 

The losses from this exposure are incalculable. These tools represent millions of dollars of investment and man-hours. Many will now be rendered moot as terrorists or foreign agents abandon traceable habits.

ISIS, al-Qaeda, and other killers now know how the US is tracking them. 

Therefore, the leaks are a treasonous act. 

According to Reuters, the CIA breach took place during the Obama administration. Apparently many of the CIA’s computer systems are outdated (some more than forty years old), easily hacked into, and easily the targets of theft. Also that bids are out to high-tech companies to upgrade intelligence agencies’ computer facilities. That would cost tens of billions of dollars, but its very necessary in this very dangerous world. But no matter how sophisticated the hardware gets, we still have people committing treason inside the government. Since taking office, President Trump has been bedeviled by classified information being fed to the anti-Trump press. 

So now we have a growing catastrophe. Obviously the CIA and other intelligence agencies can’t protect their secrets. So far, only a few individuals have been charged with violating national security. I also believe that leakers of classified documents are actively committing treason. The federal government doesn’t have a handle on how to apprehend these traitors and stop the espionage. America is the most sophisticated country in the world. But we can’t protect the private conversations of our leader, our intelligence secrets, or our counter-terrorism measures.

Obviously this is a dangerous situation. President Trump should order the FBI to aggressively investigate all leaks and hacks as a top priority. Yesterday, House Judiciary Committee Republicans requested a meeting with FBI director Comey on the hacking and leaks. Director Comey should do that as quickly as possible and it should be televised. The Americans need to know if this situation is completely out of control. 


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