On Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

As I’ve said before, the Democrats and much of the press want to produce evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. There’s no question about that. When then-Senator Jeff Sessions testified at his confirmation hearing for Attorney General, the Russian issue came up, where Sessions was “unable to comment on that issue at that time.”

Two nights ago, the Washington Post published a story that Sessions met with the Russian ambassador twice last year. However the question that was asked of him at his confirmation hearing was about the Trump campaig, not about Sessions’s duties on the Armed Sevices Committee. Yesterday in a press conference, the Attorney General reiterated that the question in his hearing was in the context of the Trump campaign. Sessions also said that he did nothing wrong, told the truth, but is recusing himself from the case. 

I believe that Sessions did the right thing. The FBI is currently investigating whether the Russians influenced the presidential vote and who was involved. The investigation has to be above reproach, that is why the Attorney General is out of it. 

One footnote: Democrats in Congress did not call for then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch to recuse herself from the Hillary Clinton investigation, after Lynch had met with Bill Clinton at a Phoenix airport. Once again, hypocrisy is on full display.

Now here’s what should happen going forward. The FBI should continue its investigation and Director James Comey should testify in front of Congress. A special prosecutor should be appointed if there is evidence presented that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. There should be a methodical investigation by the FBI and a determination by Congress if a special independent probe is needed. That is a fair, honest, and efficient game plan in this intense political climate.

Even though the press wants to destroy President Trump, the American people should want to know if there were any secret dealings with the Russians during the campaign. 


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