The REAL State of the Union

The economy is getting stronger, but wages are still rather stagnant. A tax cut for working Americans might change that consumers would likely increase spending, leading business to expand. The more needed labor, the higher wages will go. If President Trump announces a big expansion of infrastructure construction, that will stimulate the job market as well. So across-the-board tax cuts and spending on roads, etc. is what’s needed right now. Of course that’ll drive up the national debt, something I’ll talk about shortly.

On national security, the president is committed to building up the military. It’s necessary, but must be done methodically. Trump is essentially correct when he says that the US has squandered trillions of dollars in the Middle East. What have we achieved there? Islamic terrorist groups are still a threat. Millions of refugees need care. Iran remains an enemy. Iraq and Afghanistan are in chaos. Two presidents tried and failed to bring stability to the Middle East using American blood and treasure. The goal was noble, but the plans flawed (to say the least). The truth is that President Bush’s confrontation and President Obama’s retreat didn’t make things better in that brutal region. Can Donald Trump do better? No one knows. 

Also on the security front, there will be a partial wall on the southern border (something that I’ve talked about before) and increased enforcement on immigration law. The wall is largely a symbol. The enforcement is a message that the president won’t accept open borders and violators of US law. Immigration policy must be enforced methodically, with explanations to the American people about why things are happening. Open border and sanctuary cities supporters have the media with them, so the president has to explain how his policies benefits the US. He should also be humane in this area. Desperate, hardworking people don’t deserve harsh punishment.

Thus, Congress needs to get off of its collective butt and pass updated immigration laws. The issue is so intense that at Trump’s address, Democrats brought undocumented people as guests and President Trump invited families whose loved ones had been killed by illegal alien criminals.

After immigration, the economy, and security-terrorism, the problems are a lot smaller. Except for the debt. It will continue to rise well past $20 trillion until health care and Social Security spending are redefined. Trump knows that he has to run up even more debt to accomplish his agenda. Cutting some programs won’t balance things out. Trump hopes that prosperity will eventually bring in more tax money. But that’s way far down the road. To bring down the debt, Social Security and Medicare payments must be restructured for younger Americans. But President Trump wants no part in that. 

Finally, if Trump is successful in raising wages, the culture war stuff will begin to go his way. Socialists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will be crushed if capitalism makes a comeback. Americans are tired of left-wing totalitarianism. Most of us have had it with extremism on both sides. 

The truth is America remains a citadel of opportunity and common sense views held by regular people. But that profile has been smothered by big government zealots, ideological fanatics, and a media that promotes PC culture. If Trump’s vision brings increased prosperity and security, he will trounce his enemies. If economic opportunity rises in America, all of the class warfare B.S. will be harder to sell. But in order for that to happen, American needs to be unleashed.


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