The War Between the Trump Administration and the Media

The media is desperately trying to link the Trump campaign/ administration to Russia and will continue to use anonymous sources to drive that narrative in the hope that the election is perceived as invalid. Countless other successful news programs (like The O’Reilly Factor and Tucker Carlson Tonight to name a few) do not use any anonymous sources in any of their reporting. Without attribution it should not be reported. Certain news organizations despise Trump so much that employees fear saying positive things about him. Many left-winged media outlets believe that the president’s positions define him as a dangerous man who must be destroyed at all costs and that anyone supporting Trump in the slightest bit cannot be tolerated. 

There will be no “peace” in the war. There will be one nasty media confrontation after another until Trump leaves office. It’s difficult to see how this situation benefits anyone. The country is not helped out by this bitterness. The president has a right to defend himself, but should do so using facts. If a media organization puts out a report that is wrong (AKA “fake news”), have Spicer vividly refute it in clearly defined detail. If access is denied to certain news organizations, specifically spell out why. You don’t want to come off acrimonious and nasty. Facts will ALWAYS win the debate.

As for the correspondents’ dinner, President Trump is smart for not going. Like him or not, he’s not big on hypocrisy. Laughing around and having “fun” with an industry that obviously wants to hurt him would be bizarre and awkward. Vice President Mike Pence will be there and Trump will most likely put up some money for the correspondents’ scholarship fund.

The fact is that the 2016 presidential election defined free press in America. It is ACTIVELY left winged. Not objective. 

Now things have become so much worse than just ideology. Now, it’s war.


One thought on “The War Between the Trump Administration and the Media”

  1. There are a few thinks I would like to counter, if you don’t mind.

    First, the media isn’t going after Trump purely because they are left-sided and anti-trump, but because Trump is the hottest topic in America and so the media ridicules and examines everything there is about Trump, which has evolved into fake news. Also worth noting, before the election, CNN and other news outlets showed Trump’s rallies in their entirety and not Hillary’s, which they wouldn’t have done if they were as left-leaning as people claim they are (although they’re still pretty scummy).

    Second, Trump says his hefty share of fake news all the time, from referencing Breitbart to simply making up things. The media aren’t the only ones at blame for spreading false information.

    Third, you misspelled “it’s” in the last sentence. For the common man, this correction may seem petty, but for a person of higher intellect, such as myself, this error has squelched the oomph that the final line is intended to provide. smh at these hoes 🔥🔥🔥


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