So You’ve Decided Not to Stand for the National Anthem?

Dear Disrespectful Moron,

So you’ve decided not to stand for the pledge of allegiance or the national anthem? How idiotic and moronic of you. I also understand that it’s your constitutional right to have freedom of speech in all, but why are you actually doing it? It can’t possibly be to make a change, it’s all for attention.

Your reasons for not standing is that Americans don’t have the same freedoms as before or that there’s less and less racial equality in the country; but these reasons are absolutely absurd. Go and live in freaking Syria or North Korea for a couple of weeks and come back to America and then you can tell me how our country ranks with others.

The majority of the people on the planet would rather be living in our situation in our society in America than in theirs. If you really think that there’s so much inequality in America, then leave you unpatriotic moron.

The Reagan Conservative


2 thoughts on “So You’ve Decided Not to Stand for the National Anthem?”

  1. As long as non-standees aren’t causing harm, what’s the big deal? They are simply expressing their thoughts as you are doing on this website (except sitting is arguably less obnoxious than calling people disrespectful morons) 😏😏


    1. You’re being unpatriotic by not standing up for the anthem. The reasons why people do it are invalid and moronic. It shouldn’t even be an issue that you have to discuss. You should always respect your country and respect the soldiers that gave up their lives for this great country. If don’t stand up and respect the national anthem then you believe that the United States is fundamentally a bad place.

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