On the Trump Administration

Building the wall is stupid. It is the most expensive and ineffective way to handle Mexico. Building the wall will taint his presidency, even if he accomplishes something absolutely amazing, it’ll still be tainted by the damn wall.

Trump just sometimes needs to hold his tongue and shut up sometimes. If people want to believe that he’s competent, he’s going to have to make a change. Just stop tweeting. Period. Or have every tweet that you have drafted be quadruple checked by his advisors to make it not controversial.

Kellyanne Conway is a complete moron. She has the IQ of 2. When I listen to her talk, I lose brain cells. Just have her stop talking to the press. She doesn’t have to talk the press. All she does is make a fool of herself, makes the situation worse, and gives the left more ammo. It’ll never happen, but she should be fired and kicked out of DC.

Also, I like Sean Spicer. He’s a good guy, but he really needs to check his sources a billion times. Any small error that he makes will be exaggerated and made fun of indefinitely.


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