How Liberal (Extremists) Feel About 2017

Liberal (extremist) quote of the day: “2017 is going to suck: Trump is practically hitler, there aren’t enough safe spaces at universities, there aren’t any gender neutral bathrooms, there are a bunch of patriotic morons standing for the national anthem/ pledge of allegiance, we aren’t letting in enough refuges/ immigrants into our country, marijuana isn’t nationally legalized, we have a capitalistic economic system instead of a socialistic system, minimum wage is only going to be $15 (in some parts of the country), and schools aren’t secular-progressive enough.”


2 thoughts on “How Liberal (Extremists) Feel About 2017”

  1. You seem to be mistaking the difference between a liberal and liberal extremist. On this post and on your others, I’ve seen that you basically generalize any person who doesn’t support Trump as a destructive, ignorant, transgender, safe-space-needing buffoon, when in reality you’re ranting about the radical 1% (or less). The difference is important to make clear 😏😏


    1. Ok, I will give you that I am really talking about left winged extremists in this particular post; but in my other posts, I’m not exaggerating the left’s options on these issues. There are some liberals that wouldn’t identify as an extremist that believe everything that I wrote in the initial post. Not everyone is a liberal extremist and not everyone is a conservative extremist. There are definitely grey areas in between (refer to my “About” section to see what I think about political labels and political parties).


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