About General Flynn

We don’t know that much about what went down. He may or may not have said illegal things to the Russians, but that is all speculation. We don’t have any transcripts of these phone calls and probably never will. But nevertheless, the liberals are concocting their own stories of what happened and are trying to act like the whole Trump administration is completely shady. But these phone calls were made known to the public (through the Washington Post and NYT) illegally. The liberals are completely freaking out about this and want the nation to be completely consumed by this story; but they didn’t have one single problem when America knew, without a doubt, that Hillary was communicating national classified information on her private email server. Hypocrites!

And then the left will say that the rightists are being hypocritical because they applauded the Wikileaks hacks and the DNC emails, but the difference is that the Flynn issue is a national security issue. No one doesn’t really care about the security of the DNC.

Also, I will also say that Snowden and Assange are criminals and should be locked up.


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